When we work together, we strengthen our message of a world free from violence against women. Here are some ways for you to contribute to a strong collective call to Take Back The Tech! and continue building this resource. Take a stand, build the conversation and share what works!

1. Basic guidelines
  • Timely response: If your campaign coincides with a key event or problem, build on public interest already present.
  • Target audience: Think about who needs to hear your message and what media channels they access.
  • Creative action: The more creative and unique you are, the more likely it is that people will pay attention.
  • Clear message: Keep your campaign call clear, consistent and simple. Use the same logo for all of your materials and focus on a few key points.
  • Broad networks: Partner with your friends, allies and community to disseminate your campaign call.
2. The media
  • Choose someone from your team to be the media spokesperson and prepare your key message.
  • Create a media list with names and contact details of targeted editors or reporters.
  • Write a media advisory on the what, why, who, when and how of your campaign and send it out 1-2 weeks before the campaign.
  • Think of what is newsworthy about your campaign and try to organise an interview or feature.
  • If your campaign involves an event, follow up with a phone call to the media two or three days before the date to remind them.
  • Send out a press release on the day of your campaign. Include campaign materials, such as fact sheets and the logo.
3. Mobile phones
  • Send SMS messages about your action to at least 10 contacts and ask them to send it to another 10. Keep it going!
  • If you are a membership-based organisation, send SMS messages to your members if they opt in. You can use Frontline SMS, a free and open-source programme that makes it easier for you to send SMS messages to a large number of people.
4. Digital graphics
  • Add the Take Back The Tech! campaign banner to your site. Just copy right click and save on your computer to upload to your social media. Adapt the banner or create your own and share them with other campaigners.
  • Take a screenshot of your site and share it with us to grow the mosaic of Take Back The Tech! supporters and campaigners.
  • Send a Take Back The Tech! digital postcard and include a message about your action. You can also design your own postcard.
  • Create an account on the campaign website to upload your images.
5. Social media
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get our posts and share with your network.
  • Use the hashtag we have created for the campaign or come up with one that works better in your language. Just let us know! You can always use #takebackthetech.
  • Whenever you come across a useful resource, post it with the campaign tag to share it with other campaigners.
  • Share statistics, stories, quotes and actions. Make the problem of VAW a trending conversation!
  • Start a Take Back The Tech! local Facebook group for your campaign. Invite as many members as you can and ask them to invite their contacts.
  • Connect online and offline activities by posting pictures of campaign preparation, meetings and offline actions.
  • Create a Take Back the Tech! board on Pinterest to share bookmarks related to VAW and ICT.
  • The key to social networking and online spaces is dialogue. Create opportunities for people to take action and talk back. Ask questions, share thoughts and encourage comments. Keep the conversation going!
6. Blogs
  • Dedicate your blog to related topics during the campaign and encourage people to use the comments section for dialogue.
  • Let us know if you plan to blog as part of your action, and we can republish your campaign posts on the Take Back the Tech! site.
7. Offline
  • Connect offline with online by adding the campaign URL to whatever you print.
  • Use campaign media to make stickers and stencils for your laptop, bicycle, drink tumbler, pencil case, t-shirt, etc., and share them with your friends and allies. Create your own and share them with other campaigners by emailing ideas@takebackthetech.net or uploading them on our website.
  • Make and post flyers around town or use sidewalk chalk to pass on the message. Populate sidewalks with “Take Back The Tech!” alongside facts and questions about VAW. Provoke and enlighten!


If you have more ideas on how to organise, spread the word and build the campaign, share them with us by emailing ideas@takebackthetech.net. Happy campaigning!