AZUR Developpement’s mission is to provide leadership in the sociocultural and economic development of the Congo and of Africa in general. As a non political, non-profit organisation, AZUR Developpement aims at attaining the following objectives: promote art and culture; promote women empowerment and sustainable development; bring multi-fold assistance to the sick, to the disadvantaged and to vulnerable people; work to protect environment.

AZUR is doing advocacy work with and for native Peoples’ or Pygmées, especially for its youth and women. The association has founded and coordinates the first ICT network in Congo called the Community Telecentre Network of Congo.

Current activities

  • 11/25 4th day of public awareness of truck pushers and sellers (men and women) in local market; Informal debate on violence against women in the home to the headquarters of the Women's Federation for World Peace; Radio programme in several languages ​​on the 16 days on Radio Congo until December 1, 2013; 3 editions of an e-newsletter on violence against women and girls in Congo
  • 11/27 Interactive radio programme
  • 11/28 Advocacy and awareness workshop on sexual and domestic violence in a district
  • 11/29 Conference debate with film projection in nearly 80 policemen and gendarmes, officials and civil society Madingou
  • 11/30 Educating students on sexual harassment
  • 12/2 Awareness campaign targeting staff of public and private agencies/companies
  • 12/6 Public play about violence against girls
  • 12/9 Participation in the radio program me"
  • 12/10 Focus on the theme "peace at home peace in the world defy militarism and eliminate violence against women! "; With heads of government, CSOs and community leaders in the conference room of the Prefecture of Kouilou. End of sixteen (16) days of activism; Celebrating the International Day of Human Rights; Television program on sexual and domestic violence on TV "Canal Nkayi"

Previous campaign activities

As part of the 16 Days of Activism for fighting against violence we prepared in the period from November 25 to December 10 2008 two activities in Pointe-Noire (the second city of Congo):

We did a competition with children in a school on how to fight violence against children, specially young girls. They made poems, drawings, recitals... on how to fight against violence against girls, and received awards.

We also organized emissions with the possibility of sending SMS on the way that listeners feel the fight against violence against women. Listeners who sent many SMS were also awarded.

Years Active

2013 2008