Create an individual account

If you want to add content you have created or write a blog post, create your own account. 

  • Write to to request an account. Give us a little information about yourself and why you want an account.
  • Follow the instructions in our response.
  • Once in your account, select your language and timezone. Scroll down and click "Save."
  • To add content, go to the pink bar at the top of the page. See the directions below for more information.

Create a local campaign profile

If you are organising a Take Back The Tech! campaign, users can learn about your group and campaign plans and access your campaign materials through a local action profile. Your campaign will be listed under the "TBTT Campaigns" section. Be sure to copy the link of your profile to share with your networks.

  • Login and look for the pink bar at the top of the page. Under "Add content," click "Local action profile."
  • For "Local group name," fill in the name of your organisation, group or campaign.
  • For "Image," upload an image that represents your campaign such as a logo or a Take Back The Tech! campaign logo you have adapted or created.
  • In the "Body" section, write a brief description about your organisation or network.
  • For "Years active," put how many years your campaign has been running.
  • Under "Local campaign website," put the name of your local campaign and its URL.
  • Under "Current activities," write about what your campaign is doing this year.
  • If you want to feed posts from your campaign blog or site, fill in the "Feed" URL.
  • Don't forget to add your campaign's Twitter handle!
  • "Tweet text" is for users to tweet your campaign profile, so you might want to put the name of your campaign or some other identifying information.
  • In the map, select where your campaign is taking place. Also choose a region from the dropdown box below. This will allow users to see you when they search for campaigns by region.
  • Click "Save" and you're finished.

Upload content

To upload multimedia materials, you must first create an account and log in. You will see options for uploading content at the top of the page: blog post, image, audio file, postcard, video. Click on the type of media you want to upload.

Choosing “image” allows you to upload photographs, logos, banners and screen shots. Choosing “postcard” will allow you to upload digital postcards, which can be sent to friends as e-cards, as well as posters.

The types of audio files that you can upload are mp3, wav and mid. Most audio files are saved as mp3. Make sure your audio file is not more than 32MB.

You won't be able to upload videos directly to the site. First, publish it on a video publishing and sharing site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). They will automatically provide you with an embed code once you upload your video. Copy that code and paste it in the “Embedded Video” section. Make sure you get permission to publish from the people who appear in the video.

When selecting an issue to associate with your content, you can choose more than one category by holding down the “shift” key as you click. If your content is associated with a particular daily action, choose that action. Otherwise, select "None".