Kawira Mwirichia is a Queer, African, female visual artist with an innate desire to change the world through beauty that inspires and educates the community. Over the years, Kawira has worked as an artist within the Kenyan LGBT community and striven for a high level of virtuosity in her own work.

Si Jeunesse Savait est un groupe de jeunes féministes qui mène pendant deux ans un projet sur la violence et les TIC avec le programme de soutien aux réseaux des femmes de l'APC. la campagne locale est localisée sur www.mwasi.com

Si Jeunesse Savait (If Youth Knew) is a group of young feminists leading a… Read more


Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) is a non-governmental organization initiated in May 2000 by several women’s organisations in Uganda to develop the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) among women as tools to share information and address issues collectively. The mission of WOUGNET is to promote and support the use of ICTs… Read more

Women'sNet conducted a Women's Electronic Network Training (WENT) Digital Story Telling workshop for APC-Africa-Women (AAW), on 25-29 August 2007 The workshop aimed to create content by and for women, develop content for Take Back the Tech initiative which aims to reclaim ICTs to end violence against women during the 16 Days of Activism (25… Read more
Recognizing the tribulations of poverty, ignorance, and diseases, child and women abuse, environmental dilapidation, declining education trends, hunger and misery, high unemployment levels, high incidence of HIV/AIDS, youths, women, elderly, children and OVC’s dilemmas, Ray of Hope Africa was founded in 2007 in a bid to adequately help address the… Read more

Vision: All women and girls confidently exercise their information and communication rights to create social capital and wealth that positively impacts on their lives. Mission: Women’sNet is a South African based non-governmental organisation that strengthens women and girls movements for social change through the strategic use of information… Read more


IAWRT is a global organization formed by professional women working in electronic and allied media with a mission to strengthen initiatives towards ensuring women’s views and values are integral part of programming and to advance the impact of women in media.

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AZUR Developpement’s mission is to provide leadership in the sociocultural and economic development of the Congo and of Africa in general. As a non political, non-profit organisation, AZUR Developpement aims at attaining the following objectives: promote art and culture; promote women empowerment and sustainable development; bring multi-fold… Read more