Women'sNet conducted a Women's Electronic Network Training (WENT) Digital Story Telling workshop for APC-Africa-Women (AAW), on 25-29 August 2007 The workshop aimed to create content by and for women, develop content for Take Back the Tech initiative which aims to reclaim ICTs to end violence against women during the 16 Days of Activism (25 November to 10 December), develop the ICT skills and capacity of women, strengthen organisations and enable women to share and network amongst each other One blog entry written taking random sentences from the first day of story circle: She died after a long silence I starved myself Who will be my witness? I dug a hole in the garden to hide in Her story changed me I needed them so stay it's not your fault I stood next to her, while she watched my mother being beaten I want things to be different for my daughter I was the first girl to go to school Blood ran down my legs What made me different? I don't know I have heard so many stories Participants spoke of the impact that telling their stories had “When you tell it, you face it” “There is a similarity in all our stories. We tend to stigmatise and blame ourselves. I was feeling embarrassed... but opening up and listening makes you feel closer to the other. Telling your story is powerful” “Every time some one was telling it was like ti was me as well. I will never forget.” “Telling my story still felt like it was not mine. I still wanted to make it less than it sounds. I mean was it really that bad? I felt I had to still make it sound a bit nice. If we have been in silence for so long when we speak it, it doesn't sound right.” “I feel privileged that there is an audience listening to the story [who are] interested in listening. Some comments from participants at the end of the workshop: “It was like recovering from a chronic illness. Honestly, I don’t know if this has something to do with magic or what. I hope I will continue to feel the way I feel now.” “I am really glad. The workshop has made me stronger from knowing my story is not vain; and affirms[ed] that I have the right to feel the way I do. Listening to other people’s stories also has motivated me towards action; enabling me to brace up for the challenge of telling my story and seeking justice.”