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Tech back Riereta
Can we, people and organisations of Riereta Space, meet and share our experiences and worries?
Can we, and our machines, do anything to stop violence against womyn?
Riereta.Net, Citymined, Radio Paca i Telenoika meet and share…tech back Riereta!

Wednesday the 5th of November
From 17h to 23h

c/ de la Riereta, 5

The 25th of Novembre is the day against domestic violence. We believe this needs some kind of techsensibilisation so we join “Take Back The Tech” campaign and propose: tech back riereta:
A meeting and a streaming audiovisual programme with:
- Dj and vj sessions: Psicosoma i Telenoika
- Interviews and Debates: Radio Paca,, Psicosoma,
Riereta i Citymined
- Music and Concerts: Psicosoma, Radio Paca, i Telenoika
- Videos and visualisations display: Radio Paca, Riereta i Citymined
- Loads of relax and chats… among all

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